Bits of Information Task-Specific (BITS) micro-learning videos are designed for operators, maintenance personnel, and all who perform reliability tasks. Each BIT provides performance support for specific tasks. This focus on specific skills ensures that jobs get done right the first time. Every BIT is just one-to-two minutes long but provides the needed instruction, on-demand. TheseContinue reading “B.I.T.S.”

Consolidating Shims

Following up on last week’s blog post about inspecting motor bases, this week we take a look at shims.  Just like machine bases, shims are also a key part in the foundation of the reliability of an asset.  While walking around the facility have you noticed more than 4 shims on a piece of equipment?  Did you knowContinue reading “Consolidating Shims”

How Well do you Understand Precision Alignment?

There are many techs today who have “come of age” in the laser era. While nearly all can successfully perform an alignment with the laser, do they truly understand what is going on. We often try to make alignment way more complex than it really is. Offset misalignment is pretty easy to understand…just move theContinue reading “How Well do you Understand Precision Alignment?”

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