Surveys and Assessments

Use the free surveys and assessments below to better understand your reliability strengths and weaknesses

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Reliability Wellness Checkup

40 questions across 6 reliability areas
click on the image and find out how healthy your reliability  program is.
Your responses will remain completely confidential

laser alignment training on-line
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Precision Maintenance Check

Suffering from unscheduled downtime?  Reliability issues keeping you up at night?  Don’t know where to start?
Hi, we are Reliability Solutions and we are a full service reliability company.  We are here to help.
Get Started by taking  our complimentary Precision Maintenance Survey to help you better understand where your opportunities for improvement are.  For taking the survey we’ll give you a complementary week of access to our online precision laser alignment class.  
That’s right, answer 13 precision maintenance questions, gain some insight into your state of reliability and get free stuff. 

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