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Precision Maintenance®
Precision Maintenance interactive is a completely new form of On-Line training from Reliability Solutions. Unlike traditional On-Line offerings Precision Maintenance® Interactive uses the same learn by doing methodology as our best in class live training. The typical, boring, turn the page type content is replaced by interactive and engaging modules that require the user to apply the techniques they just learned either on classroom demonstrators or real machines in the field. The curriculum follows the logical Precision Maintenance® sequence used in both our precision documentation and the Precision Maintenance Sidekick app. The individual modules are short enough to maintain high engagement levels, and the modular design means users can easily consume the content at their own pace, whenever wherever they want.

Use Precision Maintenance® interactive to achieve a step change in reliability by investing in technicians’ skills improvement now. Hands on Hard Skills
Learn by doing
Qualify to do the job
refresher training
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