Bits of Information Task-Specific (BITS) micro-learning videos are designed for operators, maintenance personnel, and all who perform reliability tasks. Each BIT provides performance support for specific tasks. This focus on specific skills ensures that jobs get done right the first time. Every BIT is just one-to-two minutes long but provides the needed instruction, on-demand. TheseContinue reading “B.I.T.S.”

Implementation is About Momentum

Implementing Reliability Initiatives is a lot about momentum. Momentum is hard gained and easily lost. What happens when carefully scheduled training, and the implementation plans that it was supporting get disrupted as in the current global pandemic? Digital training is a useful tool to keep the momentum rolling until the live training schedule can resume.Continue reading “Implementation is About Momentum”

Soft Foot (Short Leg)

Since we consolidated shims on last week’s blog post, this week we will be focusing on how to check for Short Leg a.k.a Soft Foot.  Some of the effects of soft foot could include: bearing failure due to loss of clearance, gear mesh alignment in a gearbox due to loss of clearance, premature motor failure dueContinue reading “Soft Foot (Short Leg)”

Consolidating Shims

Following up on last week’s blog post about inspecting motor bases, this week we take a look at shims.  Just like machine bases, shims are also a key part in the foundation of the reliability of an asset.  While walking around the facility have you noticed more than 4 shims on a piece of equipment?  Did you knowContinue reading “Consolidating Shims”

The value of Strobe Lights

In keeping with the focus of Reliable Manufacturing®, this week we are going to start with a tool that can be used to do a simple check on machinery to assess the asset.  The strobe light is a simple, inexpensive and easy to handle tool, a Strobe light, can be used for performing preliminary inspections onContinue reading “The value of Strobe Lights”

Are You Ready for the IIOT ?

As we start a new decade and reflect on the past decade one of the hottest reliability subjects is the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT). Organizations are investing huge amounts in (if the marketing literature is to be believed) the ultimate answer to everything. While big data and increasing connectivity certainly brings new opportunities toContinue reading “Are You Ready for the IIOT ?”

Which CM tool offers the biggest bang for the buck?

This is a question that we are often asked at the Tribe. While all PdM tools will always provide plenty of ROI if properly implemented over time, there are a couple that will provide significant returns for a very small outlay. One of these is the humble strobe light. For a few hundred dollars andContinue reading “Which CM tool offers the biggest bang for the buck?”

What’s in a name…Guru

Guru is a Sanskrit term for a teacher, guide, expert, mentor or master of certain knowledge or a field.  We have combined the several hundred years of reliability experience of our expert instructor staff to create carefully curated collections of micro-learning content on a wide range of reliability subjects. These are organized in to 4 Channels Maintenance,Continue reading “What’s in a name…Guru”

Reliable Manufacturing® What’s in a name?

I often get asked what is Reliable Manufacturing®? Perhaps a good answer would be to describe it as Manufacturing Reliability. This is the essence of being able to depend on your manufacturing system to make as much A1 quality product (whatever that may be) as you need, when ever you need it, in a wayContinue reading “Reliable Manufacturing® What’s in a name?”

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