What’s one word that describes your state of reliability?

What’s one word that describes your state of reliability. It can be pretty telling, but you have to say the word without waiting or worse thinking about it for too long. Some examples of words that I see coming in on our Reliability Wellness check are unpredictable, fire fighting, unstable. If the word that describes your current reliability state is similar take solace that you are not alone. Lots of facilities are just beginning the journey to a more reliable and predictable plant and it doesn’t matter whether they are brand new or been around for 30 years.

When I was in operations, I never liked surprises. I liked a day that followed the production schedule… a smooth day where everything worked like it was supposed to, no breakdowns, no workarounds, calm and steady, no surprises.

If machinery breakdowns are taking you by surprise it’s an indication of a gap in machine condition monitoring. Are your operators doing machine reliability rounds where they look at the equipment critically? If not, there’s your opportunity. It only takes a minute to improve reliability. Here’s a micro learning video to share with your crews on how to inspect oil condition in your machines. Oil is the lifeblood of your bearings and your machines and its change in condition shouldn’t take you by surprise. Watch the video, share it with your crews and begin to move your reliability state from where it currently is to where you need it to be. Thanks for reading. Have a great day and be well.

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