Are your operators key contributors to Reliability?

It is always good to see where the data leads us. Gut feel and instinct can tell us in which direction to head but it is always reassuring to use data to help drive the decision making process. Our data is indicating that the greatest room for improvement in the six areas of our Reliability Wellness Check (click here to take it) in general, is getting operators contributing more to the reliability process, and in particular, improving the quality of operator written work requests. Well written work requests can be very valuable to you as the majority of corrective and improvement work originates in the form of a work request, and the more detailed and complete the work request is the more effective and efficient maintenance can be in executing the work.

So how do you go about getting all the enabling information in a work request? It takes quite a bit of one on one coaching to improve the quality of work requests and it’s helpful to remind the operators what’s in it for them. In my experience operators are much more likely to take the time to write detailed work requests if they actually see that it results in their equipment getting fixed or improved. Take the time to give operators the feedback that their efforts are resulting in equipment getting fixed and that breakdowns are being avoided. And if your operators aren’t writing work requests yet, maybe it’s the path you should consider taking. Here is a five minute Knovio on job scope and the well written work request to watch. Engaged operators that know they are making a difference because they can see the results will help you in your reliability journey. Stay safe. Thanks for reading. Please comment or like, we enjoy the feedback.

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