What’s in a name…Guru

Guru is a Sanskrit term for a teacher, guide, expert, mentor or master of certain knowledge or a field. 

We have combined the several hundred years of reliability experience of our expert instructor staff to create carefully curated collections of micro-learning content on a wide range of reliability subjects. These are organized in to 4 Channels Maintenance, Operations, Condition Monitoring and Reliability to make access easy.

Check them out on the Mobile page of reliabilityguru.net

Reliable Manufacturing® What’s in a name?

I often get asked what is Reliable Manufacturing®? Perhaps a good answer would be to describe it as Manufacturing Reliability. This is the essence of being able to depend on your manufacturing system to make as much A1 quality product (whatever that may be) as you need, when ever you need it, in a way that delights your customers and provides equitable return on investment.

Of course it sounds simple when its put that way; the trick is how do we get there?

The Tribe

The life of a reliability disciple can be very lonely. How many times have you wished that there was someone you could talk to, or run a problem by,  to perhaps validate your thinking? There are a bunch of us in the reliability world who do not have the time or patience for conventional social media and bulletin boards with the ever increasing random noise that is associated with it. We do however recognize that there is great value to a cohesive group of like minded people that can share ideas, experiences, successes and failures with others in their chosen field.

Enter the Reliability Tribe.

An exclusive but inclusive group of like minded individuals that want to improve Reliability Culture in Manufacturing. No noise, no outrage, no partisan agendas.

All Tribes need a campfire, welcome to the campfire. Pull up a log and take a seat. Stay a while and tell us a story.

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