Reliability, it only takes a minute to make a difference

When I think about reliability I tend to think about the complexity of some of the processes that are to be put in place.  The pre work, the training, the roll out of roles and responsibilities, the metrics, tracking, coaching and mentoring.  These are all very valuable items and are critical to implementing shiny new processes in order to make them sustainable.  

What can get lost in the journey to reliability is that we don’t always need a new processes or a new program in order to make improvements in reliability.  It is sometimes the small, daily, incremental improvements that add up to big improvements over time.  What would happen if we shift some of our focus to taking care of the little (insignificant?) items that we walk past every day? Would we get some of the reliability results we are looking for with a lot less effort?  In reliability some things should only take a minute in order to make a difference and the first step in getting something fixed is noticing a potential problem… and that doesn’t take long when you know what to look for.  

Please take a look at the Reliability Minute Video here and see when you first notice the problem.  Share it with your people and see what they can find in your facility in a minute that will make you more reliable. Thanks for taking the time to read and watch.  Have a great day.

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