An Introduction to Precision Maintenance®

Why Precision Maintenance®?  Did you know according to the Nowlan and Heap study 89% of all failures occur in a random nature. Looking within the famous “6 patterns of machinery failure” you’ll notice that 68% of machinery failures follow “Pattern F”.  Within pattern F the majority of failures are due to infant mortality. This means that by eliminating these premature failures better we can prevent the majority of equipment failures.  If you begin to consider what causes a machine to be at such risk, the answer typically comes back as human induced errors.  Discipline and documentation are key to success in lowering Pattern F failures.  

Pattern F Failures

We must gear people up to be better decision makers.  They either have to do the work correctly or know what was done wrong.  In order to do the work correctly people must understand what correctly means.  The majority of these premature failures come from 3 things…Misalignment, Unbalance, and Assembly Errors.  Precision Maintenance® provides some techniques to eliminate these failures!  So, the question becomes; How can we make people better decision makers?    Follow the Reliability Tribe blog to get weekly tips about Reliable Manufacturing® and begin creating those better decision makers!

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