PM Sidekick

When Precision Maintenance® is a difficult option you need a reliable SideKickTM. You already know the value of Precision Maintenance® – the power savings, the equipment longevity, the increased productivity – but without informed maintenance technicians, this essential activity may remain just out of reach. Now, Reliability Solutions puts Precision Maintenance® literally at the fingertips of every maintenance technician with its new app, SideKickTM.  It works simply on an iPad, leading technicians through the precise steps necessary to maintain the equipment to the optimal specifications – and it does so while creating complete documentation of every task so that technicians and supervisors are finally freed from the time-consuming paperwork that depletes valuable man-hours. SideKickTMeliminates repetitive failures and corrective rework while creating a detailed report for each job. Data can be uploaded to the Precision Maintenance CloudTM so that managers can easily track each job. SideKickTM is an intuitive interface that integrates the documentation process, streamlines Precision Maintenance®, and improves the bottom line.  Coming Soon to the app store. Contact us now for complete details. 

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